Wedding Guestbook Trends

Your guestbook doesn’t have to be ordinary! You can customize it to your interests and hobbies, or create an interactive experience for your guests. Here are our favorite suggestions for an out-of-the-book guestbook.


Have guests snap a quick photo to sign! You can display them in a scrapbook with their sweet message alongside to look back on for years to come.


Guests can pick a word to describe you two, and leave a loving message.

Drop Frame

Each heart will have a sweet note for you, and creates a beautiful display for your new home.

Birthday Calendar

Have guests write you a special message on their birthday. You’ll have notes to read all year long–and you’ll never forget a birthday again!

Photo Book

Print your engagement photos in a custom book for your guests to sign.

Vinyl Records

Are you a music lover? Break out your record collection for everyone to autograph!

Christmas Ornaments

You’ll get to look back on all your loved ones every year when you decorate the tree.

Jenga Blocks

Is it always game night at your house? Have guests leave their message on a block!

Date Jar

Have guests write their favorite date or a new date idea! You’ll never have a boring night again with a jar full of date ideas to choose from.


Perfect for the jet-set couple!

Stepping Stones

Guests can make their mark on stones, which you can then use to make a path in your lawn or garden.


Collect postcards in your travels for your friends and family to sign.